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WooCommerce is an open and free e-commerce platform, offered in the form of an extension to the popular WordPress system.

WooCommerce supports all the functions and activities needed to conduct commercial activities, such as sales and management of physical and virtual products, product grouping, support for discounts, promotions and coupons, inventory management, product reviews, geolocation, integration with Google Analytics, etc. There are also no restrictions on the quantity of products, content or materials. No wonder that over 40% of all online stores currently use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is designed as a modular platform, so even though the basic version offers most of the functions needed to run a store, it is also possible to supplement or expand the service using paid or free extensions, themes and plugins, for example integration support with various payment systems, counters currencies, instant messaging or social networking sites, support for surveys, pop-ups on the website, customer reviews and ratings, personalized, mailing lists, remarketing, mailing list automation, individual roles for specific administrators, as well as many other functions and possibilities.

Contact Greenlogic, and quickly and efficiently implement satisfactory, personalized for your business e-commerce solutions based on the WooCommerce platform.

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Woocommerce is a very convenient, flexible and easy to use solution that easily outclasses more than one commercial platform in terms of comfort and ease of installation and service, it is also an extremely low-budget solution.

The advantage is also full integration with the WordPress platform, which is important in a situation where the online store is to be supplemented with facilities in the form of complementary websites, such as a thematic forum, knowledge base or simply the company’s website. WordPress is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, and because WooCommerce operates on a similar interface, handling it will not cause problems for people familiar with the basic WordPress activity.

Call Greenlogic and let us create an individualized, universal, easy to use and flexible online store based on WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

Perfect look on all devices

The Woocommerce platform supports display and support on all popular devices, on PCs and laptops, as well as on mobile devices, both from the users of the website and its administrators. Woocommerce is designed in the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technique, so the entire interface and all elements visible to users adapt to the hardware platform and the size and resolution of the screen used by the user. Websites designed in accordance with the RWD retain all functions and convenience of operation, regardless of whether they are accessed via a web browser on a computer or from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. All elements of the page, ie text, graphics, photos and interface elements, adapt to the horizontal or vertical orientation of the screen, so as to maintain maximum legibility and full functionality of the website.

Write to us and our team of experienced professionals will create an e-commerce solution tailored to your needs, based on WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, or advise alternative solutions that may be better suited to current business needs.

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