Dedicated Java applications

Perfect for large business

In the case of a business with a specific activity, or such a large one, that it has developed its own procedures and business culture, it is worth thinking about creating applications that will work perfectly within the organization’s environment, and at the same time allow the best possible cooperation with third-party solutions. No less important is the possibility of full modification, scaling and adaptation to technological changes.

In such situations, the obvious solution is to introduce applications based on the Java platform. The advantage of this solution is the huge number of hardware platforms on which Java technology works, so thanks to the multi-platform system needed for our company can operate not only on office computers, but also on portable or embedded devices, such as cash registers, televisions and internet of things. In addition to standard web applications or intended for PC and mobile platforms, the use of the Java platform greatly improves, for example, the ability to create lighting control applications that support readers, IDs and access cards, firmware for media players, printers, parking meters, medical devices, etc.

Fast, secure software

The Java environment is a universal, versatile tool for creating any type of application. For the first time, Java was publicly released in 1995, so it is a very refined, safe and functional system. Java is currently the most-used programming platform, and applications based on it support or appear on most computerized devices, controllers, sensors, utility equipment, car software, TVs, robots, lifts, washing machines, etc.

Greenlogic specialists will choose the best technologies for your business, both the most modern and proven solutions for years. The priority for us is first of all to meet customer needs, combined with maintaining the highest standards of quality, security and culture of cooperation. We use data-tailored, flexible technologies that extend the already large Java platform capabilities with additional features and features. Our designers and developers will create, for example, fully customized and tailored to your business needs Java software integrated with PostgreSQL database technology, or a lightweight and fast, but fully functional, web application using Spark Framework and AngularJS. An application or integrated instant messenger dedicated to your company and its clients will be created using the RabbitMQ software. We will take care of the scalability of our applications using the VertX tool, using the Spring Framework we will combine the programs created for your company with internet of things devices and cloud services, and the data analysis and services will be integrated with the application using the Elastic platform. We will use all the possibilities to create a perfectly tailored, safe, optimized and efficient solution that meets your business needs as accurately as possible.


Online stores related to CRM and advanced analytics

Our solutions integrate advanced technologies with full support for operations and marketing strategies, customer service and all, what determines its satisfaction. Flexible, convenient analytical tools streamline business processes and increase brand recognition, comfort and customer satisfaction, and the intuitive, transparent and aesthetic interfaces of solutions created by us have a positive impact on their usability and save your time.

Wide marketing opportunities

Dedicated applications and solutions based on the Java platform enable service, support and implementation of comprehensive marketing activities that can take place in the background of the normal operation of the application. In addition to the possibility of obtaining standard marketing information related to the normal user activity, there is the possibility of extending their type and scope through very different methods, which depend mainly on current business needs. There is, for example, the possibility of using sensors, meters, etc. integrated with the device. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to obtain and use sets of information that would not be available in the case of standard activities.

Multiple integrations (payments, couriers, advertising systems)

The popularity and usability of the Java platform has meant that most of its operators, IT service providers, gates, brokers, etc. support it. Thanks to that, applications created on the Java platform can be easily adapted and integrated with other solutions, both the most popular and niche. Java is also a guarantee of correct operation on all hardware platforms, including embedded systems.

Modern, scalable technology

Systems based on the Java platform are interoperable, universal and scalable. Java is updated frequently, and security improvements and functional improvements are published on a regular basis. Appropriately prepared applications based on the Java platform are light and free of restrictions, resulting eg from increasing the number of transactions, future business development, etc.

Contact us and we will create applications dedicated to your business, we will integrate your current solutions with the services needed for the project, and advise on the possibility of streamlining processes and modernizing your projects so that they become as competitive as possible on a very dynamic and capricious market.

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