As a company that we like the start-ups, we often face not only the implementation of the website, but also service design and business processes supporting and going beyond the application (like planning and optimization of logistics processes, data security methods clients, reporting method or determining the necessary competencies of future employees of the client). The basis of Service Design is careful observation, analysis of customer relationships with a service or product (so-called touchpoints) and the principle of co-creating a service with everyone whose product or service concerns, both on the side offering services and the recipients. Most of the organization’s resources (time, budget, logistics) are spent on products addressed to customers, while internal processes (including the experience of the organization’s employees) are also important, which are omitted. Service design also deals with organizational gaps, such as: surface conflicts, supporting difficult conversations or shaping relationships.

Greenlogic help you in inventing and designing new experiences that accompany your customers when you purchase or use a product or service. We will show you how to build a healthy relationship with other companies and we will analyze your business from different points of view. We will improve your services and help you understand problems and indicate possible improvements, including by visualizing or prototyping possible solutions. We focus on the problems and gaps in the service of our customers and identify issues to be addressed. These problems are related to internal or external communication, consequences or quality assurance protocols. Encountering and solving these internal problems immediately translates into a better convenience of using the service.

Wide competences and dozens of comprehensively implemented projects allow us to substantively support our clients. We start with estimating the costs of the project, we help plan and create a business process. During the design process, we advise in the selection of technology, reliable suppliers of services, or the way of customer service. We support the knowledge of marketing, e-commerce and SEO planning policy. We collect data and analyze trends occurring in the industry and competition and its business model. Thanks to us you will get to know your clients better, solve difficult internal problems and eliminate gaps and redundancies. All this so that the target product meets your and your customers’ expectations.