Designing internet applications

Simple business processes and great tools underlie successful companies, but very often a way to create them is considered haphazard. Poorly designed web applications have a negative impact on daily activities, reducing the efficiency and motivation of employees, and also hinder the flow of information, causing chaos in management and decisionlessness.

We had the opportunity to implement not only websites, but also systems such as: CMS, CRM, or applications for banks, real estate offices and travel agencies. We have co-created ticketing platforms implemented at many Polish Ekstraklasa stadiums and International Trade Fair in Poznan. The experience gained gives us the ease to create dedicated solutions that work for many years.

Mobile Applications

We deal with complex design mobile applications for iOS and Android. We create native applications written from scratch in a programming language that suits a given system as well as hybrid applications created using personalized online tools. From the concept, through interactive sketches and graphic design, to full branding in relevant supermarkets.

For the purpose of testing responsive mockups and mobile applications, we have created our own laboratory, which includes iOS devices (iPhone 4s, 5, 6, iPad 2, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2) and Android (Galaxy S3, Xperia E3, LG Swift L7, Lenovo Yoga 10 HD +). This ensures that implemented our products will meet your expectations.

If you have a ready project, you can also program the mobile application.

Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a modern standard for developing web applications for use on desktop and mobile devices. The use of Progressive Web Apps technology is the ability to create one application for all operating systems and devices. Such software works simply as a web page that can be launched through any modern browser.

The assumptions of this technology say that the applications created with it will be fast and reliable, which enforces the precision of their implementation and saving resources. The applications created on the basis of PWA are also supposed to resemble normal mobile applications in terms of functionality, and their advantage is the possibility of integration with the device’s functions, eg displaying the application icon on the phone’s desktop or showing notifications.

Contact Greenlogic, we will create a tailor-made, efficient web application, we will take care of its updates, make it safe for users and your company, as well as train your team in the efficient use of the new system.

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