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28 December 2020

International and Global SEO in 2020

International positioning specialists offer their unique approach to optimization for Google and Yandex. Here are […]
7 August 2020

SEO friendly URLs

Google talks about the prominence of using simple, friendly URLs in the SEO beginner’s guide. […]
24 July 2020

OFF-PAGE SEO. SEO actions off-page.

When it comes to SEO, there are two proposals that can be used to increase […]
15 May 2020

SEO at the coronavirus time. Customize your strategy

Everything which seemed true in January will definitely change, and with SEO is no different. […]
3 April 2020

SEO and coronavirus- March 2020

Google algorithm updates are one of the most searched terms in the SEO industry. The […]
27 March 2020

Will Google be forced to reveal its SEO search algorithm?

Google is involved in a lawsuit that can lead to long-term disclosure of algorithms. In […]
20 March 2020

Author’s reputation on Google

Google occupied with the authorship and gave content creators the opportunity to indicate that they […]
6 March 2020

Index bloat

We all know that Google can crawl content, especially on new sites. But sometimes it […]
17 February 2020

SEO COPYWRITING. Is your text ready?

SEO copywriting in the past relied on website optimization for keywords. Nowadays, this is not […]
14 February 2020

Local SEO 2020

There is expected that local SEO to gain in importance over the next few years. […]
31 January 2020

Local Citations

Quotes for local search are a topic rarely heard but significant. It is widely accepted […]
17 January 2020

SEO summary 2019 and 2020 trends

As online competition is constantly growing, it’s time to rethink your content marketing strategy and […]
17 December 2019

BERT – new Google algorithm update

The latest update to the Google BERT algorithm, or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is […]
15 November 2019

Technical SEO – included by the audit

Technical SEO is a collection of many tasks often more programming than belonging to the […]
5 March 2019

Google Algorithm Update – March 2019

Google changes its algorithm every year. It is assumed that there are about 600 in […]
20 January 2019

Summation of 2018 in SEO. Trends and predictions for 2019 based on the analysis of our clients.

2018 for SEO was a year of search engines striving to improve the quality of […]
4 November 2018

5 tips on how to improve Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the standard positioning practices and everyone has their own specific […]
18 October 2018

7 bad Content Marketing practices that reduce visibility

Good SEO cannot be done without content. The text on the pages fulfils particular roles: […]
3 October 2018

How the development of artificial intelligence affects SEO

A lot has changed in positioning in recent years. Frequent changes to the algorithm are […]
29 September 2018

9 tools that will make Link Building easier

Link building is one of the most time-consuming tasks the positioner is facing. Finding the […]