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31 January 2020

Local Citations

Quotes for local search are a topic rarely heard but significant. It is widely accepted […]
5 March 2019
z czym wiązały się zmiany wprowadzone przez aktualizację algorytmu google

Google Algorithm Update – March 2019

Google changes its algorithm every year. It is assumed that there are about 600 in […]
20 January 2019

Summation of 2018 in SEO. Trends and predictions for 2019 based on the analysis of our clients.

2018 for SEO was a year of search engines striving to improve the quality of […]
4 November 2018
Jak ulepszyć keyword research?

5 tips on how to improve Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the standard positioning practices and everyone has their own specific […]
18 October 2018
błędy content marketingowe, które trzeba naprawić

7 bad Content Marketing practices that reduce visibility

Good SEO cannot be done without content. The text on the pages fulfils particular roles: […]
3 October 2018
Sztuczna inteligencja zmienia seo

How the development of artificial intelligence affects SEO

A lot has changed in positioning in recent years. Frequent changes to the algorithm are […]
29 September 2018

9 tools that will make Link Building easier

Link building is one of the most time-consuming tasks the positioner is facing. Finding the […]
11 September 2018
Wpływ HTTPS na SEO

The impact of HTTPS protocol on SEO

Not so long ago, Google announced that switching the site to HTTPS would give it […]
2 September 2018
Jak przekierować adresy url za pomocą htaccess

How to successfully redirect URLs in htaccess

Typically, redirecting the domain to a different address is not a problem, especially if we […]
31 August 2018
SEO i sztuczna inteligencja

How to optimize SEO with AI

Google recently presented its new artificial intelligence, Google Duplex. The artificial intelligence system (AI) can, […]
3 August 2018
Jak poprawnie wstawić anchor text

Anchor Text in a nutshell

Linking is still one of the most important activities in the positioning process. You can’t […]
1 August 2018
Czy podatek od linków może zaszkodzić pozycjonowaniu?

Tax on links and SEO – will new regulations harm positioning?

On June 20, 2018, a vote took place in the JURI committee of the European […]
18 July 2018
Nowości w Wordpressie

What’s new and noteworthy in WordPress?

WordPress is growing at a very fast pace. Every year, it takes control of more […]
15 June 2018
Javascript i SEO

Javascript and SEO

The relationship between JavaScript and SEO began a long time ago and since then has […]
31 May 2018
Link Building

A few words about Link Building

Link Building is still one of the most important ways to increase website visibility and […]
9 May 2018
Algorytmy Google

Google is updating the SEO algorithm again

In April 2018, Google introduced a broad update of the algorithm core that had an […]
21 April 2018
Maszyna do pisania z napisem marketing

Long or short-form content? Which type works for your website?

Thanks to the short attention concentration and multitasking, inbound marketers for a long time accept short-form […]
6 April 2018
Zaawansowane operatory wyszukiwania w Google

Advanced Google Search Operators

For real positioning veterans, search operators are old news. Each of us has encountered them […]
17 January 2018
Tablet z wyszukiwarką Google

Most asked questions on Google in 2017

As every year, Google summarises the year in many categories. In addition to YouTube, other […]
10 January 2018
Problemy SEO z Thin Content-em

”Thin content” or low quality content

”Thin content” or low quality content The three basic areas that Google takes into account […]