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19 July 2019

Seven wishes of a Polish chatbots user

Have you ever talked to ordinary machines that drive on the floor and clean? Theoretically, […]
12 July 2019

JAVA 12: New Java and its new features.

Java is very popular, either because or despite the fact it was introduced 23 years […]
8 July 2019

Why do I need this big data?

For several years now, the use of big data technology has been a thing. Analysts […]
5 July 2019

AWS Lambda – in order to get an order

Until recently, it was like this: in order to perform computing operations, you needed hardware. […]
31 May 2019

Google Data Studio: Be witty about how you visualize

Data, data, constant flow of new and more… Information and sequences of numbers flood us […]
29 March 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) generates people

Computers are constantly getting better at generating images, including people’s photos. The development of artificial […]
23 March 2019
SEO i sztuczna inteligencja

How to use tags for SEO?

This form of SEO optimization is one of the most potent available today, yet it […]
20 January 2019

Summation of 2018 in SEO. Trends and predictions for 2019 based on the analysis of our clients.

2018 for SEO was a year of search engines striving to improve the quality of […]
5 January 2019

Java 11 – let’s see what’s new!

In September, Java 11 appeared. The new version is the first planned appearance of long-term […]
4 January 2019

mCommerce. How does it differ from eCommerce?

In such a fast developing world of technology, our lives have improved a lot. With […]
31 December 2018
Google - częste pytania w 2018

Google in 2018. What did we ask about in the search engine?

Since another year has passed, and Google is still the leader in internet search engines, […]
18 December 2018
Wordpress 5.0

WORDPRESS 5.0 recently launched WordPress 5.0, which introduces “major improvements to the editor” in the blog […]
21 November 2018

Neural Networks: What are neural networks and how do they work?

Neural networks (ANN) are used almost everywhere where there is a need for heuristics to […]
5 November 2018
Sztuczna inteligencja AI

Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce

Artificial intelligence is a concept known all over the world. In fact, it already has […]
4 November 2018

Deep learning in images recognition

The article is based on the “Deep Learning for Computer Vision: A Brief Review” by […]
4 November 2018

ENSEMBLE LEARNING. What is it and what is it about?

Ensemble learning or grouping methods is a machine learning technique that combines several basic models […]
4 November 2018
Jak ulepszyć keyword research?

5 tips on how to improve Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the standard positioning practices and everyone has their own specific […]
22 October 2018

Local positioning. What is it and where to start?

Many people running businesses based on the local community should, to a large extent, increase […]
18 October 2018
błędy content marketingowe, które trzeba naprawić

7 bad Content Marketing practices that reduce visibility

Good SEO cannot be done without content. The text on the pages fulfils particular roles: […]
5 October 2018
Metody stosowane w deep learningu

Methods used in Deep Learning

Interest in machine learning from year to year is increasing, and exploded about a decade […]