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5 October 2018
Metody stosowane w deep learningu

Methods used in Deep Learning

Interest in machine learning from year to year is increasing, and exploded about a decade […]
15 August 2018
AlphaGO. Wielki krok dla Sztucznej Inteligencji?

AlphaGO. The great step for artificial intelligence?

The victory of the Deepmind artificial intelligence in the game of Go over the multiple champion […]
3 August 2018
Jak poprawnie wstawić anchor text

Anchor Text in a nutshell

Linking is still one of the most important activities in the positioning process. You can’t […]
1 August 2018
Czy podatek od linków może zaszkodzić pozycjonowaniu?

Tax on links and SEO – will new regulations harm positioning?

On June 20, 2018, a vote took place in the JURI committee of the European […]
18 July 2018
Nowości w Wordpressie

What’s new and noteworthy in WordPress?

WordPress is growing at a very fast pace. Every year, it takes control of more […]
14 July 2018
Transfer Learning jak działa?

What is Transfer Learning?

Learning Transfer is used to reuse the previously prepared model for a new problem. Currently, […]
11 July 2018
Serwery przystosowane do Big Data

Big Data in the e-commerce

Online stores are constantly looking for ways to stop customers and improve the quality of […]
5 July 2018
Marketing i Wordpress

Using WordPress? Here are some marketing tips

If you have a website, there is a good chance that it is a WordPress […]
1 July 2018
Co nowego w Java 10?

What’s new in Java 10!

Released March 20, 2018, Java 10, is the first upgrade in the six-month update cycle […]
22 June 2018
Statystyki udziału Wordpressa w rynku

WordPress implemented in 30% of websites. What makes it so popular?

Already 30% of websites operate on WordPress, according to data from W3Techs – company dealing […]
15 June 2018
Javascript i SEO

Javascript and SEO

The relationship between JavaScript and SEO began a long time ago and since then has […]
13 June 2018
Tide logo

WordPress Tide – better coding in WordPress

Some time ago, the XWP company started a project called “Tide”, which aims to improve […]
31 May 2018
Link Building

A few words about Link Building

Link Building is still one of the most important ways to increase website visibility and […]
25 May 2018
Hadoop Apache logo

Where Big Data there Apache Hadoop

You can not talk about Big Data for too long without getting involved in topics related […]
24 May 2018
Znane brandy

Importance of good branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any company, large or small, retail […]
9 May 2018
Algorytmy Google

Google is updating the SEO algorithm again

In April 2018, Google introduced a broad update of the algorithm core that had an […]
9 May 2018
Zmiana HTTP na HTTP/2

It’s time for HTTP / 2.0

Using the HTTP / 2 protocol in company website can improve performance, satisfy customers and […]
8 May 2018
Smartphone ze sklepem e-commerce

A few ideas to increase online sales

Many e-commerce sites occupy a high position in search engines and generate high traffic, but […]
4 May 2018
Google Analytics pokazany na laptopie

Skills needed for Data Science, AI, Big Data and Machine Learning

In the article, we would like to present you the skills you need to work […]
3 May 2018
Roboty ze sztuczną inteligencją

Top 10 Artificial Intelligences (AI)

Not that long time ago, the topic of artificial intelligence or machine learning was considered more […]