Established in 2009, our company continuously undertakes ambitious, advanced marketing and programming projects. We transform the experience acquired through those years into the success of our customers.

Brief history

Greenlogic, established in 2009 in Wroclaw/Poland, is the e-commerce agency and software house focused on web, design, programming, digital marketing, data analysis and sales growth. We are proud that projects we implemented for our customers have hundreds of thousands of users every day.

In the beginning, our company concentrated efforts on web design and software creation (websites, e-learning platforms, dedicated Java applications) for companies like Eurobank, IBM, Carlsberg, Einhell, Netia, After becoming the recognised brand in the market, we started working on technological projects, programming and big data analysis for e-commerce businesses. Our hard work pays off - we are happy to say that company revenue increased by 238,34% in 2017 and continues this trend in 2018.

Our team consist of experienced and passionate people. Professionals, who confirmed their abilities by working in various companies and industries. We employ Java and .NET programmers, front-end developers, designers, analysts, SEO specialists and copywriters with at least 5-year experience. It is our team who makes us able to take care of every aspect of effective e-business - from an idea, through creation and implementation of a strategy, to digital marketing and constant optimisation of a conversion rate.

Cooperation style

Our customer interest and comfort is our highest priority. While cooperating, we fit into our client project management style. Every decision made is based on dialogue and our outcomes are measurable and transparent. Thanks to this, we are continuously gaining trust in the market, and more and more hi-tech companies and investment funds choose Greenlogic as leading partner in startup implementation and business development.

Melbourne Branch

In 2018, we opened our company branch in Melbourne (10a Mitford Street, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia). Now we can be closer to new customers and better respond for their needs, including design, software development, and data analysis. In the meantime, we build an Australian team of consultants and English support for our platform

Range of activities

Greenlogic is a technology company that operates on the b2b market in the are of software development, design, digital marketing and data analysis, e-commerce growth process implementation and development of hi-tech projects in the field of mechanics, medicine and behavioural analysis of WWW users.

Our technology department is responsible for software development in Java, Python, C/C++, Bash, including dedicated applications based on machine learning algorithms and analysing big data sets of user activity and marketing campaign performance. Our long-term relationships with investment funds MCI Capital, Hartenberg Holding, and companies Roche Holding AG, Milarex, Euro Industry and Travelplanet, gives us the possibility to participate in modern and technologically advanced projects.

Our e-commerce department specializes in user activity research, user testing, e-commerce consulting and implementation of real-time personalised customer journey management tools. We also help e-commerce departments in A/B testing, marketing campaigns data analysis and sales channel efficiency.

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The Green Team

Marcin Łućko

CTO & Co-Founder / Software Designer & Developer BIO

Tomek Andrzejewski

CEO & Co-Founder / Business Analyst BIO